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07 March 2005

Edgewood Retail District

Via Atlanta Larry, here's an awesome overview of the new Edgewood Retail District. With many architectural drawings of the various housing and shopping configurations. I went to some of the early presentations Sembler gave in Inman Park, but I didn't realize how nice Caroline was going to end up. This is a real bonus!

Now, how are we going to fill in the east side of Moreland from Front Page News to the tunnel under the tracks? That used to be a line of large Victorian homes. I'd like to see a Summit's Wayside Tavern and maybe an auto parts store but the big question is: will anybody choose to walk through the dank tunnel under the tracks?

Even the Estoria/Krog tunnel connecting Cabbagetown to Inman Park is more inviting. And that one's scary!


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