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13 April 2004

Complicated road structure

The magic roundabout is truly bizarre. Caught a reference to it in the misc.transport.road FAQ. It consists of a traffic circle which contains 5 smaller traffic circles. Don't think this would fly in the states!
Nice picture and article of one in Swindon
more detail
List of all known magic roundabouts

02 April 2004

What buildings can you see?

Until last week I could see the Bellsouth tower, but it's getting blocked by some of the new apartments at the Mead development which also blocked what little I could see of One Atlantic Center. I can still see Bank of America building and SunTrust Plaza. Until the leaves grow in I can barely see the downtown Marriott, 191 Peachtree, the Westin and Georgia Pacific building.

What can you see from your house?