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24 February 2005

These folks called A Flock of Segers do clever visual puns on band names, movies, etc. This one's my favorite: Thelonius Monkees

17 February 2005

If you're ever curious about why Atlanta weather forecasts are inaccurate, take a hop over to Jon Richards' blog. Today he explains why it didn't get as warm as it was supposed to earlier this week, and why it's so cold today.

14 February 2005

Mad Latin makes some good points about the latest incarnation of Atlanta's Underground. Basically he suggests a Jazz club, a Blues club and more stuff to take the kids to before a Braves game which all sound like pretty good ideas. Maybe the old model train set upstairs could be resurrected?

08 February 2005

Oh my god, Google has done it again! This is the most amazine mapping software I've ever seen. Google Maps. Zoom into a neighborhood and search for Pizza, Books or whatever. This blows the Yahoo YP/Maps thing out of the water. This is even cooler than their scanned catalog collection that allows for text searches. What a company

07 February 2005

Here are some recent pictures of Fairlie Poplar in downtown Atlanta. Including the new Balzer Theater marquee and other nearby stuff

03 February 2005

Apparently this book called Atlanta Nights by Travis Tea is an intentionally bad work written by (otherwise) accomplished writers. Guessing it's not really worth reading!

02 February 2005

Found this via Planetizen. They have Atlanta amongst other cities Yellow Pages tied to thousands of still images that can show you what the storefront looks like. Click left or right to see what's next door. This is just a staggering amount of work and guaranteed to be out of date within a week! What a cool thing.

01 February 2005

Nice little essay calledUseful Dead Technologies on In particular I miss regular volume knobs in cars! Buttons are soooo annoying. Being the owner of a little postage stamp front yard, I use a push, cylinder-style mower which I love mainly for the quiet (I hate loud motors), the little bit of exercise I get and the looks I get (I live on a street with lots of pedestrians).

Caught this collection of 1960's Brazillian music over on Boing Boing. There're a bunch of LP sleave scans and many MP3's to listen to.