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Atlanta Parking in 1953

Downtown had 18,507 spaces of which 16,460 were off-street and 2,047 were curb of the offstreet spots, 11,609 were signle-level and 4,851 in structures of two or more levels estimated demand exceeding supply: 600 (I'll have to hunt down current numbers for comparison -- anybody got a clue where that could come from?)

Bleacher Gambling

Found this in some notes from a meeting with a bunch of old Atlanta Crackers players on 26 Aug 2003 at the Margaret Mitchell House Buck Riddle who used to play first base was talking about all the gamblers in Poncey Park out in the left field bleachers. Here are some of the odds that would be offered on a per-pitch basis Fly ball (caught) 2 to 1 Foul tipped 3 to 1 Anybody know more standard odds from those days? 1930s to the 50s One more funny story. This from lefty pitcher Dick Kelly (~1954). They were playing an exhibition game against inmates in the Atlanta Pen. He heard this from the crowd: Take your time, you've got 20 years to get this guy out