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Funny phone call

Funniest thing I've read today (OK, I'm running behind) was this post from the fine folks at the Wren's Nest which includes two pretty interesting phone calls [that blog post from 2012 is long gone, here's a copy] Then, I got a weird phone call: LAIN: Good afternoon, the Wren’s Nest! GRANDMOTHER: Hi, I’m a grandmother. LAIN: Okay. GRANDMOTHER: And I would like you to pay my electric bill. LAIN: (scrambling for an answer) That’s …not really what we do here. GRANDMOTHER: (sounding dignified) Yes, but I’m a grandmother.  I’m raising my grandchildren.  I just need some help with my electrical bill. LAIN:  I’m sorry, but we’re a house museum.  A non-profit house museum, and we’re hurting as well. GRANDMOTHER:  You don’t understand.  I’m a grandmother. LAIN: Ma’am? GRANDMOTHER: (hangs up) ….. Then, I dialed a wrong number and got this message: ANSWERING MACHINE: This is about pimpin’!  And that means money!  And if you ain’t got no money, you ain’t got no businesses with t