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10 June 2006

A Real Butcher
I think they finally went out of business but last year I was able to get an old 1910s-era Corona typewriter repaired in Decatur and they did a fantastic job. It was awesome that I caught them in time, but I wonder about a bunch of older-fashioned-type businesses that have been hurting the last 30 years or so. Lately with a new grill I've been severely dissatisfied with grocery meat: Whole Foods, Publix and Kroger are all hit or miss. So, I returned to an old Decatur Square stalwart that had to move to Emory Village a few years back: Shields. You pick your cut, you pick the thickness, you pick the size of some delicious aged beef plus they make their own sausages and meatloafs. Yeah, it's about 40% more expensive but damn good and, while it's four miles away, it's probably the only real butcher within 30 miles of the house.


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